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New Port Richey, Florida

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New Owners


Mira is now owned by Melissa Keefer of Pretty Kitty Ragdolls

Hi Doris,

Harry & Chloe are just as sweet as they can be and are a constant source of joy for me.  I hope you have a good holiday season.

Deb Levy

Hi Doris,

I was finally able to get some decent photos of Jasper, son of Reach For The Stars. He is the most loveable and beautiful cat I have ever had. He follows me everywhere and greets me at the door whenever I go out. He loves to talk and play and look at the outside world through the office window.

Maria Mayo, Palm Harbor

Jasper looking out the window.

Hi Doris,
Harry is growing into those ears and long legs very fast!!  And, Chloe is a very big girl..16 pounds now!!  Her color is really starting to come in and she is just gorgeous.  Both of them are so loving and sweet.  We are so thankful to have found you and these wonderful babies.
Deb Levy

Hi Doris,

We love our Ragdoll, Simonsezz Champagne Muffin.  She sleeps with us and meets us at the door.  Thank you so much.

Kathie and Mike Mayo
Tierra Verde, FL


Thought you might like an update on Gwenny and Lance at five years. Gwenny (bottom) has become daddy's girl and has converted me into a cat lover with her attention seeking antics. She interrupts any work being attempted at my desk and still finds time to distribute stuffed teddy bears throughout the house. Lance (top) is quite an armful at twenty pounds and spends much of his time lounging about the house. Both are spoiled as they are used to being hand-fed Max Cat at intervals throughout the day--a small price to pay for such sweet cats.

Sandy & Steve Wallis, Jacksonville, Florida

Hi Doris,

Here is a picture of our new kitty, Indigo, with her new family.  She is just absolutely wonderful.  Thank you for such a great little kitten.

Coty & Kara

Hi Doris,
We thought you might like to see what a beautiful cat our kitten, Indigo Sky has grown into.  Her birthday is this month, so we thought we would send you an update.  She is absolutely a great cat and you couldn't ask for a better personality.  She keeps us laughing and loves to cuddle.  She gets along great with our other cat and her and our daughter are best buddies.  We just wanted to thank you again.
Coty & Kara

Dear Doris,

Today is Sheba and Simba's first birthday and I thought you would enjoy seeing how beautiful they are at one year.  They are the dearest, sweetest and most affectionate kittens.  We will be heading back to Florida on January 1st for the winter and they are the best travelers. 

Thank you so much for bringing love and joy to our hearts with this adorable brother and sister pair.

Sheryl & Budde Reed

Hi Doris,

Just a note for you on Caicos, my most beautiful Seal Mitted Ragdoll!

Caicos has been the most unbelievable cat I have ever owned.  He had a bit of a time adjusting to his new home, I think he missed his siblings.  But after a couple days, he began to notice his surroundings and began to get adjusted.  He follows me everywhere, I mean everywhere!!  He is at the door when I come in, he runs to the door to go to the studio when I say "You wanna go?" He is the perfect ice breaker with my little models here in the studiio-the kids love him.  He is now learning to Fetch-will keep you posted on that one.  Thanks for bringing him into our lives!!

Melody Finlaw

Caicos all grown up


Sweetie and her baby, "Marley"

Sire:  Rags2Riches Legacy of Absolutedolls

Dam:  Simonsezz Sweet Success

Dear Doris,

I can't believe this is a cat!  Wow!  What a personality.  "Marley" already fetches his mouse and sleeps with us also.  He is eating and drinking well and uses his litterbox.  He is alert and attentive, he is smart, lovable, and beautiful.  Thanks for this amazing kitten.




Dear Doris,

Today Skipper (Unconditional Love) is one year old, so I thought you would like to see photos of him on his birthday.  He now weighs 15 lbs.  He is so lovable and friendly.  I'm sure it is because of all the love and care you gave him as he was growing.  My grand-daughters just love him and he eats up all the attention.  He loves to cuddle in the morning and nudges my head with his.  Then he rolls over for me to rub his tummy and back.  What a ham!!

Best Regards,


Dear Doris,

This email is sent to you to let you know how incredibly happy we are with our new Ragdoll kitten. Anna Bella Gucci is the most wonderful bundle of love anyone could ever ask for. It only took her 2 days to get comfortable with us, and now she is the most loved and cherished kitten in the world. As avid boaters, it was important to have a cat we could take on long cruises. Anna Bella Gucci spent 4 days on our boat and acted like she had been boating forever. I just wanted to take this time to thank you for breeding such and incredible cat, and for holding her aside for us to choose. I have attached a few photos of Anna Bella Gucci in her new home. God Bless you and all your beautiful animals.

Sincerely, Barbara Campanini and Family.


Dear Doris,

Here is a picture of Simba and Sheba at 6 months.  They are so adorable and bring joy to us every day.  Thank you for this special brother and sister pair, they have stolen our hearts.

With love,

Sheryl and Budde Reed 

Hi Doris,

Here is a picture of Coco, I got him in July 2002. He is a true Ragdoll cat, he is most loving and affectionate. He is just like a puppy dog, is always near by and loves attention. I must thank you so much for bringing him into my life. He is just like one of the family.

Richard L. Meglio, Trinity, FL

Proud to announce.....that Marion Hammer, who made history as the first woman President of the National Rifle Association and recently inducted into the Florida Women's Hall of Fame is a new owner of two Simonsezz kittens.  The kittens are litter mates out of "Ritzyrags Sir Royston" and "Simonsezz Never On Sunday".


The kittens are wonderful.  They are far more loving and lovable than we had ever imagined they could be.  They are both exceptionally well behaved and they get prettier every day.  You did an outstanding job of raising and socializing these kittens.  How they end up is determined by how they start out and you gave them a fantastic start.  They have stolen our hearts and my grandchildren and I adore them.  Hope you like the picture.

Marion Hammer



I am so glad that we were able to get Misty also.  Having all three kittens in the litter is special to us.  Misty is super special and outstanding show quality.  I really appreciate you letting us get her also.  We are extremely happy with all three kittens.  You did a great job with all of them.



Hi Doris,

I am enjoying these guys so much.  Being a retired breeder and very smart, Carlos let me know quickly that he decided when he would show me affection.  After realizing that the brushing came with the affection, Carlos was fast at becoming a big lover boy.  Precious does not require much affection, but does not like sharing the attention.  She is happy with our arrangement and I am tickled that she has decided to tolerate me.

Thanks again for trusting that I would give Carlos and Precious a good home.  I think they would agree.  I know I smile a lot more since they adopted me.

Harrilyn Bennett

Lakeland, FL


Hi Doris,

Just a quick update, Dillon is doing GREAT!!!!  I have had many dogs and cats but never one like this little guy.  We are totally bonded.  He knows his name, has learned how to use the cat door to go out on the screened porch and lounge in the sun, knows the word NO.  He is eating Eukanuba dry and a bit of boiled chicken in the am and pm.  That's right, he's spoiled already!!!  When I'm sitting, my lap is never


Don - 7/05

Hi Doris,

Dillon is doing great at 16 months. His personality amazes everyone. I attribute that to the love and care that "Grandma Doris" gave him when he was living at her house. He loves riding in the car and has claimed the center armrest as his. Now when I am watching TV he brings me the toy of his choice to let me know it's "play time". Take care and I'll keep you posted.

Don, New Smyrna Beach



Hello Doris,

This is Bailey Bleu at three years of age.  His best buddy is our German Shepherd.

Scott & Linda Davis

Hello Doris,

As you can see, Luna, on the left and Lucian, on the right are growing up fast and getting more and more beautiful.  They are both such sweet and loving cats!  I am so happy that I found your cattery and was able to purchase these two Ragdolls.  Lucian and Luna are a wonderful addition to my family and they will always be loved very much.

Crystal Dixon




Hi,  My name is Gracie and I am owned by Seana Walters of Lutz.


Hi Doris,
I just wanted you to know that Mason has adjusted wonderfully to his new home.  He is such a joy!  He is either with me or my husband all the times.  He follows us around, talks to us, has to be in the same room with one of us, and even sleeps with us now.  He is very well behaved and is getting quite spoiled.  My husband was resistant to the idea of getting a he is crazy about the little guy!
Thank you.
Seana Walters (Lutz)


 Aussie as a kitten



Aussie as an adult 



Hi Doris, Aussie is beautiful intelligent, playful, loving and so exciting to be with.  Big sister kitty, named Majic, has welcomed him with open paws, while his brother birdie, named Sunny, says Aussie is a pretty bird. Thank you for this bundle of joy. He will always be loved.  Tom and Maria Ft. Pierce Fla


Born January 16, 2004

Dear Mommy Doris,

Last time you saw me, I was 3 months old and weighed 4 lbs., now, I'm one year old and I weigh 16 lbs.

Boy am I handsome thanks to my beautiful mom American Dream Girl and my macho dad Apache Diablo.

Thank you for the wonderful life I have with my new mom and dad, they're the best.  I have my mom wrapped around my paw, all I have to do is to go over to my food bowl and she comes running to feed me my dry food piece by piece.  I guess it makes her happy, it makes me happy too!

I love following my mom all over the house. When she's going toward her bathroom, I race her to it so she can turn the water on in the sink so I can drink out of the faucet.  When it's time to go to sleep at night, she carries me to bed with her and I sleep all night with her and my dad.

I'm so happy, they love me as much as I love them.

Love,  Aussie

Above is Aussie all grown up.



Charley is an incredible kitten.  He is very social, intelligent and loving.  I could not have asked for a nicer kitten.  He greets me at the door when I come home, lets me know when he wants me to play with him, lets guests pet him and even responds to "no".  I can't say that once he has responded to "no" doesn't mean that he won't try again, but he really behaves well.  I am absolutely delighted with him.

Thank you for letting me share your kitten's world.



I waited for a kitten like Cody for quite a long time....he was well worth the wait.  I only wish you could see Cody in person.  The picture does not do him true justice, and his personality is FABULOUS!!!!  Cody is the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen and his personality is second to none.  I definitely want another kitten in the future.

Kim and Family in Ohio


Another picture of Cody.



Mary Ellen Turner and her lover boy Joey.  I have seen this cat full grown and he is awesome with a great friendly personality.


Hi Doris,

We just celebrated Andre's first birthday and I want to send you a picture to let you see what a beautiful cat he has grown up to be.  Like any one-year-old, he loves playing games, especially fetch, and enjoys making new friends, including a 12 year old Bichon Frise and a 3 year old Calico.  He is the sweetest thing and greets me at the door every time I come home.  I just adore him.  Hope you are well.  Take care!


May 27, 2004
I just have to tell you I have owned cats my entire life and this little Lassen is the best cat I have ever seen.  He is so different and social.  We love him so much.  He follows my son everywhere and when he is in school he follows me.  We call him the puppy around here.  He acts so much like one.  He meets us at the door when we get home right along side my dog.   And my dog loves him as well.  My dog weighs 100 lbs and he is Lassen's buddy.  He goes to the vet on Friday for more shots.  I will let you know his weight and how he does.
Thanks for blessing us with such a sweet kitty. (puppy)  Ha Ha
Kristi Holden, Texas
I'm Sylvia Diamond, from Ormond Beach.  I purchased one of your mitted males a few a years back.  "Cadbury" was born May 5, 2000.  Thought you'd like to see a picture of Cadbury, taken today.  He's a wonderful cat, so gentle (even with my small Parrotlet birds).  He couldn't care less about them.  He's very laid back and calm.  GREAT CAT!!
Thank you!


When I contacted you, you told me about an adorable kitten who was 4 months old who was sweet as could be, but a little shy.  Sebastian arrived in late December, right after Christmas.  He has been the best addition to our household.  Although he started out shy, he now has all of us wrapped around his paws and it is so sweet to see him attach to a different person depending on the time of day it is.  Of course, he and Kristen are the best of friends and she is his number 1 human.  We canít imagine life without our purr baby.   Karen Charlie and Kristen Keppler



This is Mr. Kit E. Kat as he looks today.



We thought you might want to see our beautiful "little" baby, Mr. Kit E. Kat.
Thank you for letting us have him.  We love him.
God bless you,
Jeff and Robyn


Who says cats can't be toilet trained?

This is Mr. Kit E. Cat on the toilet in Deep Concentration!!!

Mr Kit E Cat

"Our search for the perfect kitten brought us to the love of Mr. Kit E Cat that we so fondly call Mister Kitty.  He has brought a tremendous amount of love and joy into our home.  His playful, affectionate, and loving spirit is far better than anything we could have dreamed possible.  Our days have been filled with joy watching him frolic and play.  As you can see from our catnap photo, he has not only taken over our days, but we have joyfully allowed him to take over our nights as well.  He is a great snuggler - warming not only the face, but also the heart.  Guests at our home are amazed at his instant acceptance and welcoming spirit that treats everyone as part of our family.  He exhibits every positive characteristic of a Ragdoll and has since the first night that we brought him home.  As every child has their parents wrapped around their little finger, Mister Kitty definitely has us wrapped around his "little paw".  Jeff and Robyn

Big Eazy - Son of Samazmo

"Hi Doris, I wanted to send you a few pictures to show you how big and pretty Eazy turned out.  He reminds us a lot of his dad, Samazmo.  Eazy definitely looks and acts like a Grand Champion."

Seal Mitted Kitten

Seal Mitted Kitten owned by Allyse Milentz, Tampa, Florida.


Dobby is being held by Ashleigh Smith from Clearwater, Florida.


Samson is now owned by the Pouliots.


"Penny is everything a Ragdoll is supposed to be.  What a great little friend and what a sweet disposition....she sleeps with me, waits at the door for me and sits with me when I watch TV.  She is always in the same room with me, even on my lap when I am at the computer.  Loves to be picked up and cuddled. I am so grateful I found Djcats."  Regards, Barbara

Sir Brown Lovealot

Simonsezz Sir Brown Lovealot now lives in Holland and is owned by Ton and Leny Van Galen.  He has done very well showing in Europe with many wins and is producing beautiful kittens.

Female Kitten

"Hi Doris, we bought a female kitten from you last july 4th (We live in Jacksonville).  I have a cute picture of her to share with you, although it's not one of her better ones.  We enjoy her tremendously, she is everything we were looking for and has added so much joy to out life.  She is so full of life and just loves to play, play, play!"

Rocky & Lillybelle

"This is Ruth from Palm Harbor who got Rocky and Lillybelle from you.  See how beautiful they both have turned out.  I think they are the most lovely kitties in the state of Florida!  Hope you like the picture.  Rocky is still 23 lbs and Lily is 12 lbs.

Misty & JoJo

"Misty will be two in January and JoJo will be two in February.  JoJo turned out to be a beautiful cat just like you said he would.  He was sure leggy and scrawny as a kitten.  We love them very much.  They are so sweet.  We have moved to Tennessee.  They love the cooler weather, can't wait to see their reaction to snow."

Guinevere & Lancelot

"Doris, It's been almost a year and we thought you might like to see how your babies are doing.  We are sending pictures celebrating their first year with us.  Here they are enjoying the nightlife and a cool October breeze in front of one of their favorite locales-the screen door.  Lancelot (Lance for short) has grown quite large, lovable and lazy and lays to your right.  Guinevere (Gwenny for short) is pictured on the left and still has a lot of kitten spunk in her.  She stalks and attacks anything, whether it moves or not.  She has a habit of taking stuffed teddy bears hostage leaving them strewn about the house.  They both are beautiful cats and seem to be getting darker by the day.  They are such perfect pets."  Steve and Sandy


Hi Doris, "We bought a beautiful flame ragdoll kitty from you in August, 2002 and we just adore him.  His name is Precious, because he is.  The kids take pictures of him often, so I'll send you some more from time to time.  We are considering a second Ragdoll sometime in the near future.  We have never had a pet blend in with our family the way Precious has.  He has so much personality, everyone is in love with him.  Thank you so much." Kelly


"Hi Doris I was just visiting your website thinking of when I bought my kitten from you in April of 2000.  Sabrina has turned out to be the greatest cat I could have ever hoped for.  She is healthy, beautiful and demanding.  She is a princess in our house, she owns her Ragdoll sister Liberty as well as my husband and myself."  Sincerely, Donna M. Ralph


Tyler is owned by Shawn Eaton of Raleigh, North Carolina

"He sleeps right beside me every night with his head on my pillow.  I wake up and as soon as I open my eyes and look at him I hear him start to purr.  I can't get over his personality and that he was the cat of the year."